World-class software protocols to manage Real Estate investments

Real Estate Tokenization is the process of converting real estate assets into digital tokens using blockchain technology. Each token represents a fractional ownership of the property, allowing lower capital requirements so investors can purchase smaller portions of high-value real estate.

RealEstate.Exchange is a platform where primary offerings and secondary trading allows investors to exit their positions, capitalize on market opportunities, and provides flexibility in managing their real estate investments.

Tokenization enables accessibility, and efficiency in real estate investments by facilitating easy trading and reducing barriers to entry. Additionally, tokenization enhances liquidity, as investors can trade their tokens on secondary markets, providing an opportunity to exit investments more easily.
The use of blockchain technology provides transparency, immutability and increased security in real estate transactions.
Self-custody, also known as self-storage or self-sovereign custody, refers to the practice of individuals or entities holding and managing their digital assets directly without relying on third-party custodial services. In the context of blockchain and cryptocurrency, self-custody means that users have full control over their private keys, which are cryptographic keys that allow them to access and manage their digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets. While $BRICK is 100% self custody, the real estate tokens are securities, being managed on the ERC-1404 protocol has an extra layer of security, where if investors lose access to their wallet, we are able to burn the old tokens and issue new ones.

BRICK is an ERC-20 utility token to create a superior experience when trading and borrowing against real estate tokens on RealEstate.Exchange. $BRICK is used to govern, support a fast and low-cost trading experience, and provide early access to attractive real estate investment opportunities.

$BRICK is deemed as a utility by BaFin, German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority and will be issued on both Ethereum and MATIC Polygon. Behind $BRICK is a solid team and partners from DigiShares, Balancer.fi and RealEstate.Exchange.