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The Global Tokenization Market

Assets on the blockchain is growing, fast.

World Economic Forum estimates that 10% of global GDP is recorded on the blockchain by 2027 

Finyear says the tokenization market CAGR will be 59% from 2019-2030 

Frankfurt School BC estimates the European tokenization market $1.5 trillion in 2024

JLL projects 80% of all investments into real estate in just 60 cities around the globe, meaning that 1000s of areas are underserved. 

MIT claims that 93% of real estate is beyond the reach of retail investors. 

Better Homes and Gardens survey shows 89% of US investors interested in real estate but only 3% has invested.


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The Tokenization Process

The Deal

Determine the specific property or properties to tokenize and consider jurisdiction, types of shareholders, and the relevant regulations.


Appropriate Technology

Determine the legal structure. Various options are available and the owner can choose to tokenize the equity of a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), a debenture, or another form of participation right such as revenue or profit.



Legal Structure

Choosing Blockchain protocol, Token configuration, KYC/AML questionnaire. Setup token custody solution with a custody provider and choose the right blockchain network for token creation.



Token Creation & Distribution

Creating a distribution plan and payment methods for potential investors to purchase the token. On your dashboard you can see the amount of funds that you have raised in real-time.


Asset Owner

  • Your own real estate crowdfunding platform
  • Digitizes and automates many processes related to financing and management of investors
  • Advanced share cap table module
  • Allows investing in most currencies (fiat & crypto)
  • Uses audited smart contracts for high safety and security
  • Offers instant liquidity through our OTC marketplace
  • Shareholder meetings, votes etc.
  • Electronic signatures
  • Tokens are compatible with exchanges, custodians, etc.


  • Digital shares
  • Cost effective trading
  • Transferable shares
  • 24/7 Markets
  • Rapid settlement

Platform Operator

  • Strong recurring revenue source from assets
  • Become a tokenization provider in your region
  • Ability to serve many clients
  • Fast and flexible customization of platform


$BRICK is an ERC-20 utility token that acts as a liquidity token to create a superior experience when trading and borrowing against real estate tokens on RealEstate.Exchange.

BRICK is used to support a fast and low-cost trading experience, and to incentivize investors to provide liquidity in the market.

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