Unlocking Real Estate Investment Opportunities with DeFi Technology

Currently, our efforts are focused on integrating the liquidity from Balancer Labs into RealEstate.Exchange. This is done through their ‘Managed Pools’ (not yet released), which we are building on top of, as a grantee from the Balancer Grants.

Learn to Earn: The Ultimate Tokenization Course

Are you interested in learning about tokenization and its potential to transform the capital markets? If so, our online course on tokenization is the perfect place to start.

How Asset Tokenization is Transforming the Financial Industry

Asset tokenization is transforming the way we invest in assets; Physical assets such as real estate, artwork, and other tangible assets can be turned into digital tokens that can be traded on a blockchain network.

The State of Tokenization and the Next Generation of Markets

Tokenization has been a hot topic in the world of blockchain technology for some time now, and it’s easy to see why. It enables fractional ownership of assets, allowing investors to make smaller investments in assets like real estate.

10 Questions for the Creator

We’ve put the creator, Mark Dencker, in the hot seat to answer 10 questions about RealEstate.Exchange, the $BRICK token, and the process of making real estate investments into a liquid asset on the blockchain.

Global Real Estate Market is Worth $326 Trillion

The new industry report made by DigiShares highlights real estate as the world’s biggest and most important asset class, representing a total value of $326 trillion.

If You’re Betting on Blockchain, Keep These Countries in Mind

A recent Chainalysis report, Geography of Cryptocurrency, ranks Vietnam, first in cryptocurrency adoption:

Thailand is Ready for Tokenizing Real Estate

The legal framework for the tokenization of real estate and other digital securities is ready for deployment in Thailand.

Developers Never Sleeps but Money Does: Here’s the Surprising Data

A recent BCG-report highlight that despite the recent crash, developer activity has continued to sustain. Logically you would expect the ‘Developer Activity’, and ‘Market Capitalization’ to be closely correlated.

The Retail Investors Impact on Real Estate

Retail investors have a history of going to market when given the opportunity. Now, the ‘Distributed Ledger Technology’ is changing the game for real estate investments.